Precise positioning is a basic parameter for all survey and offshore activities.

During Barge pipe laying and Jacket/Platform installation we provide Tug management system (TMS), the system is installed on the anchor handling Tug and the Barge which allows the Barge to see the position, speed and heading of the Tug and vice versa.

We also provide survey support during pipe laying and SPM installation.

MMSS introduces a unique offshore positioning package to support Our Offshore positioning services up to sub-meter accuracy which include:

  • General marine and land applications positioning.
  • Jack up and Semi-sub Rig move Positioning.
  • Under water acoustic positioning (USBL).
  • Barge positioning.
  • Anchor handling positioning for Barge and Semi-sub Rig.
  • Vessel positioning.
  • Jacket / Platform installation.
  • Offshore Piles positioning.