Geotechnical Services

We have the capability of providing different sorts of Geotechnical survey, including grab samplers, gravity cores, CPT, Box core, vibrocore.

Grab Sampling

In hard soils or in sites where it is hard to get a sea bed gravity sample or up to the job requirements, here comes the option of using Grab sampler a simple method to get a sample of the seabed.

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Gravity Coring

Seeking for the safest method of providing seabed gravity sampling. MMSS offers its valued costumers the latest method of having gravity samples without the usual risks accompanied with the traditional methods.

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The operation of the gravity core we use: a pilot weight attached to the gravity core with a release mechanism, once this weight reaches the seabed it releases the gravity core straight to the bottom. No need for the free fall which causes a risk to the operators.